Our Approach

We innovate, pilot, and scale resilient business solutions for long-term ecosystem stewardship.


Farm and Forest

Community Enterprise

Market Development

  1. A scalable agroforestry model that is culturally and environmentally appropriate.

  2. Non-traditional products to diversify farmer incomes, increase biodiversity and enhance farmer’s competitiveness and profitability.

  3. Broader natural resource and landscape management and conservation, including timber, non-timber and other natural resources, including renewable energy.

  1. Strengthen local cooperatives to ensure greater benefits for farmers, resilience to market fluctuations, and improved ecosystem management.

  2. Support leadership development including mentoring and entrepreneurial training, to foster local change agents - local leaders with clear vision who transform the community for the better.

  3. Cultivate and channel finance toward better social and environmental outcomes, and toward aspects that others deem too high risk, but are vital to long term success.

  1. Leverage our diverse network of market distributors and experts  to link community enterprises to fair and efficient partnerships, and ensure they get their products on the shelf.

  2. We support communities and their partners overcome market failures that have historically led to negative social and environmental outcomes in the Amazon.

  3. We undertake product R&D, always seeking new ways to diversify agroforestry plots and farmer incomes.

The way most business works in the Andes and the Amazon is outdated and unsustainable, destroying precious resources in pursuit of short-term gain.

This doesn’t work for:

  • Indigenous people, who lose their livelihoods and traditional ways of life linked to the ecosystem.

  • Smart investors, who value stable, long-term returns over short-term gains.

  • Consumers, who can’t benefit from the vast array of products and natural wonders the area has to offer.

  • The planet, which is losing a major source of its oxygen with the destruction of the world’s largest and most biodiverse rainforest and other tropical ecosystems.

Our approach is proven to build successful businesses, and shows that community enterprise based on biodiversity is a powerful tool for effective stewardship of tropical ecosystems by local people.

We firmly believe that conservation of the Amazon and Andes ecosystems is vital for the well-being of our planet. Yet, we’ve also seen that conservation that neglects local people’s livelihoods is not effective in the long-term. In contrast to traditional development organizations that execute limited, one-off projects, we take a comprehensive business development approach to solving this puzzle — working side-by-side with communities in the Andes and Amazon, we link local livelihoods and the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity through a new way of doing business. We undertake R&D and innovate with farmers to identify new products and sustainable production methods, we pilot exciting ventures with potential to improve local livelihoods, and we scale successful ventures to deepen our impact and transform the way business is done in the Andes and Amazon.

We recognize that one-size-fits-all solutions are invariably found to be insufficient over time, so we apply an integrated toolkit to bring tailored solutions and best practices to each venture. We leverage our diverse and unique network of advisors, donors, investors, researchers and market access partners to support every facet of the value chain.

Our three-pronged model a) builds farm management and forest conservation capacity, b) builds local organizational and leadership capacity, and c) links community enterprise to sustainable markets through innovative business models. We are finding that this is a potent formula for self-sustaining conservation of tropical ecosystems. We know that our new way of doing business can deliver results because we’ve seen it work firsthand.