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Community Development & Social Entrepreneurship

  • Community Development and Social Entrepreneurship interns will work alongside Fundacion Aliados staff to participate in the development of sustainable community enterprises. Staff and interns work with local partners to facilitate meetings to strengthen organization management, improve agricultural practices, and ensure access to international markets. Currently, the Foundation works with various farmer cooperatives to build sustainable supply chains for native Amazonian products, such as guayusa, muru inchi, achiote and ishpingo,  working to ensure improved livelihoods and environmentally friendly practices.

  • Intern activities and responsibilities include: support administrative activities for farmer cooperatives, attend or facilitate meetings and capacity building workshops, market research for supply chain development of new potential products, and help to create business plans for the commercialization of local products.

Forest Conservation & Sustainable Agriculture

  • Forest conservation & Sustainable Agriculture interns will collaborate with Fundacion Aliados staff to draft reforestation proposals and management plan activities for sustainable forest management in collaboration with local communities. Inters will study the benefits of agroforestry systems and sustainable production practices in order to understand the importance of these systems in the face of climate change. Interns will also investigate the feasibility of producing new products in Amazonian agroforestry systems and how small holder farmers can obtain added value certifications such as Fair Trade and Organic.

  • Intern activities and responsibilities include: plan and assist with workshops in the communities, help manage local plant nursery, implement monitoring and evaluation activities, data collection and analysis, study the social and bio-diversity benefits of high diversity agroforestry systems, and research case studies of native crop production and the potential for new markets for these products.

Social Impact Storytelling

  • Social Impact Storytelling interns will be responsible for creating engaging and thought-provoking videos and social media content about Runa Foundation’s work, soon to be Fundacion Aliados, in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Interns will highlight the farmers we work with, the importance of preserving local biodiversity and the dynamic relationship that exits between the rainforest and the local indigenous populations.

  • Intern activities and responsibilities include: preparing, editing, updating and creating digital material such as graphics, photos, audio/video clips, etc. Interns will create video or photo projects that highlights our ongoing work that will be used on our website and promotional publications and that you will be able to add to your portfolio.


Career Opportunities

There are no vacancies at the moment

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