Kara Solar



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Aliados is working with Fundacion Kara Solar and The Achuar Nation of Ecuador (NAE) to create a solar river canoe project that promises to transform the future of transport in the amazon basin. For hundreds of years, the Achuar people have lived on both sides of the Ecuador-Peru border along the Pastaza and Capahuari Rivers. With oil exploration threatening their ancestral lands, they needed to create opportunities that didn’t involve degradation and deforestation driven by road expansion. 

That need spurred Kara Solar - the first system of solar-powered canoes in the Amazon that currently serve nine Achuar communities. The system of canoes is being connected to a land-based solar grid system that provides sustainable energy not only to charge the canoes, but also to power information and communication systems, refrigeration, and support local processing. Aliados is partnering with Kara Solar to convert the solar infrastructure into a viable business, and so represent the future of transportation in the amazon basin.

What Kara Solar Has Accomplished So Far:

  1. Built the first community owned and operated enterprise of solar-powered boats in the Amazon.

  2. Improved connection among nine Achuar communities of 2,000 people

  3. Reduced the need for road construction and deforestation on over 150,000 hectares of pristine rainforest.