The Guayusa Trail

Deep within the jungles of the Amazon lies a plant used in sacred ceremonies by the indigenous Kichwa. Known for its super-leaf powers, including a high dose of caffeine, plenty of antioxidants and a chemical compound that steadies the jitters, guayusa is a type of holly with a pleasantly sweet taste when brewed in boiling water.

The ancient Kichwa used guayusa in their daily ‘morning ceremony’, during which they would recount their dreams and plan the day with their families. And still to this day the local clans practice their pre-dawn ritual among their riverside settlements.

For the first time, the precious guayusa leaf is being exported beyond Ecuador, which has ignited interest in the powerful plant. Travelers interested in learning about this trending tea are invited to participate in the Guayusa Trail, which takes you on a mix-and-match adventure to guayusa farms, called chakras, the local communities to participate in the morning ceremony, all while learning about Aliados and their work with local guayusa growing communities.

Come adventure with Aliados in the Ecuadorian Amazon! Visit us in Tena, Napo, located about 3 hours from Quito.

  • 5 am – 8 am: Drink freshly brewed guayusa with Kichwa families and experience a guayusa ceremony, a tradition that has existed for thousands of years in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Listen to indigenous music, hear stories of the forests, and enjoy a traditional Kichwa breakfast made with all locally sourced crops.

  • 8 am – 10 am: Visit a local agroforestry plot, or chakra, and see the first stage in the guayusa supply chain. These small jungle farms provide food for whole families and communities.

  • 10 am – 12 pm: Learn more about Aliados to understand what we do and why our mission is important to us.

Price: $35 (does not include transportation or lunch). Minimum two people per tour. Please contact to plan your visit.

Forest Feast

It's not every day you get to feast on frog legs, grilled larvae, and catfish in the middle of the Ecuadorian Amazon! Join Aliados in one of our favorite community/ecotourism experiences - The Forest to Table Feast - run by our local partner Clemente and his family. Upon arrival, Clemente will lead a tour around his chakra explaining the local species of plants, trees, and animals, and the night will end with a spectacular dinner with all foods sourced from his personal chakra (agroforestry farm). Our participants always leave with full bellies, warm hearts, and an amazing experience!

Price: $20 (does not include transportation). Minimum two people per tour. Please contact to plan your visit.