Jungle Peanuts



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Muru inchi is a aflatoxin-free variety of peanut grown in the Ecuadorian amazon that has beautiful purple stripes, and a delicious slightly sweet flavor. Peanuts give back to the agroforestry system by helping to free up nitrogen in the soil for surrounding plants.

Aliados’ work with muru inchi began with re-introduction of the peanut alongside an indigenous women’s group in a single community in 2016, and has now expanded to 4 neighboring communities. Aliados is currently partnering with Tsatsayacu association to increase production and convert muru inchi into a sustainable revenue source for participating farmers that strengthens conservation of the forest.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far and Our Goals:

1.  Muru inchi re-introduced as an agroforestry crop in four communities

2. Muru inchi re-incorporated into the local diets of four communities

3.  By 2020, Aliados aims to support 300 farming families producing 100,000 pounds of peanuts annually