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Aliados is working with farmers and farmer associations in the megadiverse buffer zones of the Napo-Galeras and Llanganates National Park to restore native forests and increase wildlife habitat connectivity. This region is home to emblematic species such as jaguar, white lipped peccary, tapir, ocelot, and the spectacled bear. Our reforestation program integrates native tree planting with short-cycle agricultural production as a way to balance farmers’ immediate financial needs with ecosystem health. This is enabled by a rotating credit system that supports farmers establish a variety of native Amazonian tree species, intercropped with short-term cash crops, such as plantain or corn, which are marketed by farmer associations.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far:

  1. More than 30,000 seedlings from 20 different native species have been planted.

  2. Increased habitat connectivity for large mammals and birds over a region of 300 square kilometers in the megadiverse buffer region of the Llanganates nature reserve.